Kurt Busch, David Ragan pay a visit to the San Fran Giants

NASCAR in the ballpark! Earlier this week, the San Francisco Giants hosted NASCAR drivers Kurt Busch and David Ragan for their "NASCAR Night." Great idea, great promotion, nice to see our boys out in the community. They even got Busch's car to cruise the ... outfield ... behind Kurt ...

... oh, no. That's not Kurt's car at all.

They brought Kyle's car! What the hell? That'd be like NASCAR hosting the Giants at a race and inviting Eli Manning!*

In all seriousness, I have no idea whether somebody screwed up or not. But The Fast and the Fabulous has a nice writeup of NASCAR night at the ballpark. Check it out.

After the jump, our pals up close.

Kurt offered the "play ball" command just fine, but Ragan was about 10 seconds behind. Zing!

* — Eli Manning plays for the New York football Giants. Joke, explained.

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