Kurt Busch calls Hendrick drivers "pretty boys"

Hendrick Motorsports is full of "pretty boys," at least that's what Kurt Busch thinks.

"Well, I mean the guys at Hendrick are pretty boys and get People magazine covers and that's their job," Busch said. "My job is to go out and race cars and that's what I focus on."

The verbal jab comes on the heels of Busch getting wrecked by Jimmie Johnson at Pocono. Johnson called to apologize on Monday – "It was a racing incident and I hate that over the last year or two there have been a lot of those racing incidents and he has certainly been on the losing end of that situation and it is nothing intentional and nothing I have against him," Johnson said. But clearly Busch isn't over it.

"I asked him as I was walking in here, 'Do I need a dustpan and broom to clean up your mess?'" Busch said Friday. "You know, I've been wrecked by Johnson quite a bit in the last couple seasons, the last 13 months, and whether it was just racing, whether it was a small bump that he didn't intend to mean what he did. You know, he didn't intend to wreck us at Pocono, but it ended up that way.

"So there might be some of that coming from my side of it. I might not intentionally try to wreck him. But, you know, we have a high car count of wrecked cars over at our shop, and those guys on the 48 – and even Jeff Gordon with what he did to us at Sonoma – it's definitely been a one-way street right now."

Yes, Gordon got into Busch at Sonoma, but to be fair – or not – to the No. 24, Gordon's front bumper hit almost everyone else in the field that day.

"I like to race the cars and race 'em hard, race 'em smart, and I feel like if what happened last week, which we'll talk about racing, because that's what we should be talking about, if the roles were reversed, I'd have been hung, lynched at the gate, you know, for wrecking the four-time champion," Busch said. "But if the roles really were reversed, I wouldn't have bumped the 48 in that fashion and both of us would have continued on and ended up with good results."

This is the part where Busch began explaining that drivers at Hendrick Motorsports are "pretty boys" and have job responsibilities outside the realm of racing cars. Somehow, Busch included Kasey Kahne, soon-to-be Hendrick driver of the No. 5 car, in this conversation.

When asked if he's managed to change his image since joining Penske Racing four years ago, Busch said, "[Roger Penske] really helped me mature as a driver on and off the track, and, you know, if I even thought that I had a shot of jumping in that 5 car, a pretty boy named Kasey Kahne got picked over me, so that could answer your question as well."

Uhhh, OK...

It should be noted that Busch signed a contract extension with Penske on April 23, while it was revealed April 14 that Kahne would be going to Hendrick Motorsports in 2012.