Know your Chasers: Carl Edwards

It's Chase time, and that means it's time to run down the field of our competitors. We continue with the zero-win Chasers. Next up: Carl Edwards. Say hello, everybody!

2010 record: Zero wins, two poles, six top 5s, 14 top 10s.

Best finish: Second (Chicagoland, Atlanta II)

High point: The entire second half of the season. Nobody's run better than Edwards on the whole since the start of July, a period over which he's amassed eight top 10s in 10 races and finished no lower than 12th.

Low point: Pretty much the first half of the season, stretching all the way back to late 2008. For much of the year, Edwards was all but invisible. Put it this way -- he led only six laps from the start of the season to Labor Day. That's not the pedigree of a Chase champion, but here we are.

Prospects for the Chase: Based on momentum, quite good. But he'll have to pick up some wins in the Chase; Denny Hamlin, Jimmie Johnson and Kyle Busch are just too good to be beaten on consistency alone.

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All right, your turn. How will Edwards fare in the Chase? Make your best case for Cuz right here!

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