Kevin Harvick visits Virginia Tech, trades hit techniques

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Earlier this week, Kevin Harvick visited Virginia Tech as part of a media gig with Martinsville Speedway, and came away with a fancy no. 29 jersey you can see there at left. He also presented Hokies head coach Frank Beamer with a signed helmet, which ought to come in handy should Virginia Tech jump to the SEC ... or have a near-upset like they had this past weekend against East Carolina.

Also in the mix there is Martinsville Speedway president Clay Campbell, who presented Beamer with a pair of lifetime suite passes to Martinsville. Sweet!

"For me, I've learned a lot about Virginia Tech football today and about Virginia Tech," Harvick said during the event. "For me, not going to college, being able to see these facilities and everything that goes into it … this is a first-class facility and there are a lot of people to make it go round."

Did you catch the key part of that quote? The "not going to college" bit. Harvick missed out on some great opportunities! Keg stands! All-nighters! Things that you don't ever mention again, even on your deathbed! Friends, there's opportunity here! "Kevin Harvick Goes To College" needs to be a reality show NOW.

Anyway, until that happens, you can get your own tickets to the Martinsville race, which is Oct. 30, by visiting the track's website right here.

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