Kasey Kahne liked the gas can so much, he took it with him

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When you make a pit stop, you drive in, you get gas and tires, you drive out. Everyone's got a job to do, everyone does it smoothly. Most times, it's the very epitome of a human machine. But every so often, somebody forgets one step in the dance. I know I was supposed to remember something, what was it ... ?

It's the latest — but by far the best — misstep in an inauspicious debut at Red Bull for Kasey Kahne. Fortunately, this didn't cost the team anything in the Chase. Unfortunately, the guy who left that gas can on the rear deck lid probably won't be getting a callup to Jimmie Johnson's crew anytime soon.

And hey, it could've been worse. Kahne could've driven off with a crew member still attached.

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(FYI: For those of you claiming that this is Brian Vickers, and that Kasey Kahne drives the #9, you might want to read this. Welcome to 2010. Heard Lebron's thinking about leaving the Cavaliers, too?)

[Photos: See more photos of Kasey Kahne]

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