Kasey Kahne goes airborne in final lap crash at Pocono

Thankfully Kasey Kahne didn't flip over, but nonetheless, his crash on the backstretch at Pocono was scary.

Kahne was going for position on Richard Petty Motorsports teammate A.J. Allmendinger when Allmendinger moved very low on the backstretch. Since it was the final lap, Kahne didn't let off the gas and when he got in the grass, he lost control of his car.

"I don't know what AJ was doing there," Kahne said. "I don't ever really talk to him much, but you can bet I will be talking to him this week."

Wonder if that non-communication is a product of Kahne's impending move to Hendrick Motorsports (after being somewhere for 2011) in 2012? Nonetheless, it was very similar to the block that Danica Patrick put on teammate Tony Kanaan in Saturday night's Firestone 550K IndyCar race.

"I am not really sure what happened," Allmendinger said. "Kasey had such a run on me and I went to defend. By thetime I defended he was in the grass. That is my bad. I feel bad about that, I really do. It is what it is though."

Had the race not been in a green-white-checker, Kahne's crash might have only collected one or two cars. But since the field was so bunched up from the restart, it resembled something from Talladega. Flying cars and all.

And before the conspiracy theories fly -- and you know they will -- this had absolutely nothing to do with the presence of a wing or a spoiler. Kahne was going so fast and hit Mark Martin and Greg Biffle at such an angle that it would have been almost impossible for the car to stay glued to the ground.

However, this may start a motion to put catch fencing on the top of the backstretch wall. Pocono is already going to be installing SAFER barriers on the backstretch before the 2011 season, so if that idea has any traction, it would make sense to go ahead and do both projects simultaneously.

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