The K Brigade: Kahne to drive truck for Kyle Busch at Pocono

Here's a little tidbit dropped in the midst of last race weekend that ought to be getting some more play soon: Kasey Kahne will run for Kyle Busch Motorsports in the Pocono truck race in a few weeks. Responding to a fan's question about the truck series, Kasey replied, "yes i am. Driving for kyle in the 18. Looking forward to it."

Kahne, one of those "race anything that moves" guys, hasn't raced in a truck series ride since 2004. That year, he ran two races and won both, so yeah, it seems like he's a decent bet to run well.

It's a good move for both parties; Kahne gets to have fun in a new ride, and Kyle gets a proven driver to run for his truck team, which could use a bit of sponsor cash. And hey, if Kasey's not able to secure a ride in Sprint Cup next year, he can always run trucks.

(Hat tip: Catchfence)

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