Juan Pablo Montoya thinks Mark Martin needs driving lessons

No, no truth disclaimer to this one.

Juan Pablo Montoya was apparently upset with the way that Mark Martin raced him on the last lap (for 15th place, I might add), so he told Martin that he'd be willing to give Martin some pointers.

“He didn’t like the way I passed him there on the last lap, [saying] borderline stupid driving and suggested I take some smart driving lessons from him,” Martin said. “I’m not going to take no (stuff).”

After the race, Martin parked his Hendrick Motorsports car on the side of the garage where Montoya’s Earnhardt Ganassi Racing hauler was parked and the two drivers had words before retreating to their respective haulers.

“I don’t understand,” Montoya said. “He just ran the (stuffing) out of me on the last lap running for [expletive] 15th place.

“I gave him room out of [Turn] 4 and we got into Turn 1 and he got into my door and he nearly wrecked me and I nearly wrecked him in the process. We both lost.”

I'm sure many of you will notice the possible irony in Montoya suggesting driving lessons for Martin, but hey, maybe Martin will take him up on his offer.

“Am I going to take some driving lessons?” Martin said with a smile that made it hard to judge whether he was serious or sarcastic. “Maybe I will. Maybe I need to drive a little smarter.”

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