Juan Pablo Montoya: 'No chance' of returning to F1

It's taken four years, but Juan Pablo Montoya has gone from F1 refugee to legit NASCAR driver. And now that he's here, he says there's "no chance" of going back.

In an interview with the Spanish language website prensa.com, Montoya indicated that he's happy with his decision to leave F1 in 2006. He left a successful career in F1 -- dude won the Monaco Grand Prix, after all -- and has two road-course wins in NASCAR. He made the Chase in 2009 and was briefly a legit championship contender, but fell off the pace this year thanks to several questionable decisions and finishes.

Montoya echoed critics of F1, saying that NASCAR is "more fun" than the venerable open-wheel series. "I saw the (Abu Dhabi) finale this year and it's like it has been all the time -- one car is a second faster than another but he cannot pass," Montoya said. "They say the problem is the tracks but honestly, F1 has always been the same."

So Montoya's staying, which is good news for anyone looking for NASCAR to have a little more character. Love him, hate him, whatever -- you can't deny that Montoya moves the conversational needle in NASCAR, and right now, that's exactly what the sport needs.

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