Joey Logano challenges monster burger on ‘Man vs. Food Nation’

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

If you were picking a driver to compete on "Man vs. Food," the Travel Channel show where the host and guests try to eat meals the size of house pets, Joey Logano wouldn't be your first choice. Shoot, Logano wouldn't be your first choice if you limited it to drivers who've run the Home Depot No. 20. But here he was, in an episode that aired Wednesday night, visiting Sticky Lips barbecue in Rochester, New York. He took on a — get this — three-pound bacon double cheeseburger covered with pulled pork and hot sauce atop a one-pound bed of fries. Oh, and he had to finish it in 30 minutes.

Of note: this event happened right after the Watkins Glen race, which, as you may remember, was one of this season's many rainouts. So Logano ran the race, finished fifth, drove 80 miles to Rochester, and tried to choke down a football-sized burger. Who says drivers aren't athletes?

Logano offered a steady stream of commentary on Twitter as the episode aired, noting that the burger weighed "at least half" as much as he did. "This makes me feel sick just watching this," he added. "I was looking for a dog under the table to help me eat it."

Sadly, Logano didn't close the deal. "Did you guys really think I could finish that thing??" he asked on Twitter. "I mean come on."

Fortunately, the burger did give Logano ballast and extra downforce for three races. So there was that.

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