Joe Gibbs Racing launches smartphone app

Move over Bobby Labonte, you've got company.

Sure, Labonte can claim that he was the first to take the leap into the smartphone market, but I've got a hunch that his former employer's app will be a tad more popular.

JGR fans will now have the ability to receive instant notifications on qualifying and race results, as well as breaking news, special events, and contests. In addition, content includes exclusive JGR and JGRMX photographs, videos, and features. The app also allows fan interaction syncing comments through Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Those of you with Droids are in luck, as it's available on the Android Market as well as for the iPhone.

But I don't understand how syncing fan comments through Twitter and Facebook is a feature. Would anyone download the application just to read the fan comments? It could be a great way to kill time if you're really bored, but I'm going to wager that 99 percent of fans want info from the team, not people typing "OMG!!!! I LUV U KYLE BUSH!!!!!"

Still though, it's great to see that teams are going to start reaching out to fans with non-Sprint phones. I have a feeling that whole exclusivity thing is going to prevent those of us with Androids or iPhones from getting applications directly from NASCAR for a while.

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