Jimmy Neal arrested just hours after release from jail

Remember Jimmy Neal? No, not for his racing career, but for the From The Marbles post last week about Neal leading police on a high speed chase.

Well, according to TMZ, Neal got himself into even more trouble.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Neal got out of jail at around 1:30 AM -- after serving about two weeks for felony evading while driving recklessly. We're told Neal then went to the home of a woman in Lake Forest, CA at around 3:00 AM and police were called three hours later for a disturbance.

When police arrived, we're told the woman (who claims she had only met Neal once before) told officers Neal attempted to rape her.

Law enforcement sources tell us Neal was transported to a local hospital rather than jail because he complained of chest pains.

When he is medically cleared, he will be booked for attempted rape and false imprisonment.

Let's face it, Neal had a completely irrelevant career. TMZ said he "never won a national race." Well, according to Racing Reference, he never was in a national race, so it's pretty hard to win one if you're not in one, right? Yes, Neal is a "former NASCAR driver" in the sense that he ran in regional series in the 1980s, but when you see that phrase on TMZ, you naturally expect that it would be a driver of note. (Yes, we here at From The Marbles called him a "former NASCAR driver" as well. But we're a racing site. More on this in a second, but TMZ rarely mentions NASCAR.)

In fact, TMZ would never have posted about Neal in the first place had he not done something really stupid a second time. The first time, TMZ was nowhere to be found, primarily because an irrelevant regional series driver doing one stupid thing isn't cool. But after it got picked up by places like here, TMZ likely took an interest in Neal.

TMZ's last NASCAR-related post before the Neal post was a picture of Dale Jarrett and a pretty girl in Las Vegas, not unlike any of the thousands of pictures Jarrett has taken with fans over the years. It's just that he happened to be in Vegas with a pretty girl and TMZ got their hands on the picture. So while TMZSports.com is an inevitability, don't look for any earth-shattering NASCAR news from them any time soon.

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