Jimmie Johnson on the doubters: 'Hell with 'em.'

Jimmie Johnson participated in the usual prerace press conference on Friday in Vegas, and took some harder-than-usual stances on the question of his luck and his legacy.

While Johnson still kept calm and cool, he was clearly more than a bit tired of having to justify the fact that he's a reigning four-time champion, one who's still posting wins. He took dead aim at those who suggested that he got lucky in winning last weekend's Auto Club 500:

"Luck didn't have us lead 101 laps," he said. "Luck didn't hold off the 29 car. Luck put us in position, I'll be the first to admit that, but I still had to win the race."

Johnson also took the opportunity to answer the question of whether his dominance was actually bad for the sport of NASCAR. Unsurprisingly, he doesn't agree -- he pointed to Shaun White, Tiger Woods and Roger Federer as examples of players who have dominated their individual sports without harming that sport.

"In our culture, we don't like to see dominance," he said. "We like to see the underdog ... I know it's frustrating for people who aren't a 48 fan ... but it's not bad for the sport."

And he was asked if he felt he was given enough credit for his many achievements, or whether his detractors were failing to see his skills: "Hell with 'em," he said dismissively. "There are some that may not want to give us credit. But it doesn't matter if it's a fan or a competitor. They know this 48 team is the real deal."

Any more questions?

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