Jimmie Johnson busts out the golf clubs at Texas Motor Speedway

Being a NASCAR driver is a noisy business, and sometimes you just want to get away. Enter golf, a pastime which many drivers, Jimmie Johnson included, have begun playing, with various degrees of success.

On Wednesday, Johnson participated in a little team golf-skills competition with the PGA's JJ Henry (not to be confused with JJ Yeley, of course) at Texas Motor Speedway. They played closest-to-the-pin in the infield, putted up the side of a 24-degree banked turn, and drove the ball off the top of the Speedway Club into the infield. (A picture of that one follows.)

So whose team won? Come on, who do you think?

The event was designed to promote the AAA Texas 500, and did a fine job of doing exactly that. Now, if they could just have a few golfers dropping balls onto the track while a race was going on, that'd get some new viewers tuning in.

(By the way, eagle-eyed readers of Yahoo! Sports' blogs might notice a similarity between this post and one which ran earlier today over at Devil Ball. Synergy, baby!)

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