Jimmie! Chad! Solvin' crimes, displayin' trophies all over Vegas!

Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus! Two bearded dudes holdin' a trophy! They're Las Vegas's newest detectives, doin' burnouts for justice! Or something like that. Vader and The Emperor began their tour of Sin City on Tuesday in advance of this weekend's banquet, and they dragged that trophy everywhere with 'em. Behold:

In front of the Bellagio. The fountains in the background danced to "The Imperial March." No truth to the rumor that the fountains are fueled by Denny Hamlin's tears.

Atop the Mandalay Bay hotel. No truth to the rumor that the trophy slipped off the ledge and blasted through the roof of Kevin Harvick's cab.

Plenty more to come from Vegas. If there aren't photos of the trophy ending up in a dirty glass case in a Strip pawn shop or tipped over in a gutter with a woman of dubious repute screaming in the background, I'll be very disappointed.

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