Jeremy Mayfield wants to make sure you haven't forgotten about him

If you thought (hoped?) that the Jeremy Mayfield vs. NASCAR drama was over, you're apparently wrong.

But if you had forgotten about it -- and we don't really blame you if you had -- here's a quick recap. Mayfield tested positive in NASCAR's substance abuse program and blamed the positive test on a combination of allergy and ADD medication. After a legal battle, Mayfield ultimately lost his appeal of the suspension and remains suspended and we learned a bunch of other stuff about Mayfield and his family that we probably didn't need to know in the first place. (If there was ever a time for NASCAR to be on the cover of the National Enquirer, this was the best opportunity. However, for NASCAR's sake, this would have fit into EVERY -- and we mean EVERY -- stereotype that's out there about the sport.)

Somehow, the accusations have now gotten weirder. In court filings made on Wednesday, Mayfield alleges that NASCAR had him black flagged for no reason during the 2006 Brickyard 400. And you thought that all the conspiracy theories that we've talked about this week were bizarre


The allegation surrounding the 2006 race at Indy comes in part from declarations of France’s former in-laws, whom France sued last year when trying to evict them from a home he owned.

In affidavits, both of the his former in-laws say that France, after drinking scotch while in California to be with his pregnant wife during the race, called NASCAR President Mike Helton in the control tower at Indy and asked that Mayfield be black-flagged. When Mayfield got to the pits no NASCAR official ever looked at the car, Mayfield alleges.

“[He] directed that they fabricate a reason to have Mayfield pit his car, so that Mayfield finished nearly last in the race,” the Mayfield filing states.

NASCAR says that those claims are bogus.

“Mayfield’s claims are blatantly false and Jeremy and his lawyers know it,” Poston said in a statement. “In fact, prior to their filing we notified Mayfield’s lawyers that the allegations were completely baseless and that we had evidence to prove the falsity of the claims.

“Mayfield and his lawyers chose to continue a campaign of lies and disregard the evidence that was discussed with them.”

And at this rate, who knows how long this will continue.

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