Jennifer Jo Cobb to star in scripted NASCAR-themed show

Camping World Truck Series driver Jennifer Jo Cobb will star in "a character-driven story targeted as a 2011 replacement series about the exploits of a tight-knit group of drivers from different worlds set in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina."

The show, called "The Ride" will be directed by Giancarlo Esposito from "Breaking Bad."

From the release:

Esposito will direct and is creatively involved in every detail from casting to soundtrack, while veteran WGA screenwriter Tony Sommo is – in true motorsports style – incorporating themes from advertiser/sponsors into the script. Cobb has agreed to make regular on-screen appearances as herself as well as provide insights from her life as a female racer in a traditionally male-dominated sport.

But how is this show going to be any different than real NASCAR? Real NASCAR is scripted, right? And besides, I've got my doubts how any show -- scripted or not -- will top the awesomeness that was "Riding Shotgun: Kyle Busch" (and Samantha Sarcinella). Will people on the streets of Lake Norman be yelling at Cobb and her co-stars?

Plus, if you read the first paragraph closely, you'll notice that the show doesn't currently have a spot on any cable network's lineup, so there may be a better chance of Busch and Sarcinella's wedding making it to the airwaves over "The Ride." And we all know what we'd do New Year's Eve if their wedding was broadcast live.

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