Jeff Gordon’s test drive prank may be fake, but is nonetheless fantastic

If you were going to pick the NASCAR driver most likely to dive headfirst into 21st-century media, Jeff Gordon — who won his first Sprint Cup championship while current champ Brad Keselowski was still in middle school — might not even crack your top 10. But Gordon has thrown himself into new media, whether it's reality-show silliness or current Internet memes. (Gordon's "Harlem Shake" hit within days of the first one, while the fad was still new.)

But his latest, a viral video for Pepsi Max, might just top them all. Gordon plays a timid car buyer named "Mike" who visits a dealership and proceeds to take the car salesman on the drive of his life. Now, granted, this is as staged as it comes; apparently Gordon wasn't even the driver for most of the stunts. But oh, it's funny. Well done, all.

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NASCAR video from Yahoo! Sports:

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