Jeff Gordon says Carl Edwards was 'out of line'

Jeff Gordon was the guest on NASCAR's weekly teleconference Tuesday and predictably, the first question was about Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski at Gateway.

Probably it's hard to really say just because there is a little bit of a past history with those two. You don't really know what all has gone on over the years with them that has brought it to this point.

But just looking at the incidents, looked to me like Brad got into him a little bit getting into one, but was just racing hard for the position, for the win. Then what Carl did I felt like was definitely out of line. I felt like it was over and above what needed to be done.

Again, you don't know what kind of bad blood there is between the two. Whether or not NASCAR gets involved in it, I think two, three, four, five years ago, I would have thought absolutely they would have done something, maybe taken the win away or docked points or a fine or something like that. Today it's just letting the guys race. That means that I'm sure you'll want to watch the future Nationwide races and those guys battling one another, and in the Cup Series as well. You just know there's going to be more to come.

NASCAR still hasn't done anything, let alone make a statement about the Edwards-Keselowski run-in Saturday night, and the longer that NASCAR goes without officially saying something, the lower the odds that they will.

Drivers like Gordon are obviously the barometer for NASCAR to see how far "have at it boys" has gone, and while we'll have a good idea Friday at media day at Indianapolis if Gordon is in the majority or minority among drivers when it comes to Edwards and Keselowski, Gordon's take on the situation is very, um, interesting given what Gordon and Matt Kenseth went through at Martinsville.

After that shot that he gave Kenseth, Gordon said that he "made sure he wasn't going to win the race after that," referencing contact that Kenseth made with Gordon earlier.

One of the most fascinating things about the Carl-Brad incident is the diverse reactions that it has spawned, and it's been almost impossible to find a consensus about where the line that Gordon is referencing actually is.

For Gordon, it seems that it's somewhere between what he did to Kenseth and what Edwards did to Keselowski. Yes, Martinsville is a slower track than Gateway, and Gordon did his business in the middle of the corner. But, like Edwards, Gordon ensured that his opponent wasn't going to win the race by sending him towards the wall in front of the field. Kenseth could have easily turned around and been collected by numerous cars. But he saved it. And a driver saving it may apparently have a lot to do with where that line actually is.

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