Jeff Gordon gets his hands dirty on 'Extreme Makeover'

So if he ever gets tired of losing races in green-white-checker finishes, Jeff Gordon's got himself a future in construction.

Sunday night, Gordon guested on an episode of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," in which he helped an army of volunteers build a brand-new house for a deserving family.

Now, the way these things usually work is, the celebrity comes in for a little dilettante "hard work" for the cameras and then bolts for all-hours parties involving wine, women, song and the kinds of activities that you can't really talk about on a family website.

But that's not Jeff Gordon's way. He's one of the more charitable drivers in NASCAR, and from accounts, he hung around for awhile during the filming in January and did everything from hammering — competently if not expertly — to racing bulldozers, which he did fairly well. Shoot, he's had enough experience in the Car of Tomorrow, and that's not much different.

You can see the preview of the episode here, and it should be up on before too much longer. Enjoy, 24 fans.

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