Jeff Gordon falls out of the top 10 thanks to an early crash

Sunday's race at Watkins Glen was during the PGA Championship, golf's final major, and just 90 minutes away. If this is not an appropriate time to make a golf analogy, when is?

So here it goes. The cliche goes that the third round of a golf tournament is moving day, as the contenders post good scores to position themselves for the final round. Now, with four races to go before the Chase for the Sprint Cup begins at Chicago, the Glen could be seen as the Cup Series' version of moving day.

Jeff Gordon was on the downward trend. After finishing second to Kasey Kahne -- who joins him this week going the wrong way -- Gordon crashed through the esses while following Denny Hamlin in the early stages of the race. As Gordon was behind Hamlin, he said the air just came off the front end of the car -- he drifted into the grass, grazed the right-side guardrail and then hit the left-side one with the front end of the car.

8. Brad Keselowski, 634 points (+4 positions): Second place will do that for you, and Keselowski is temporarily in the safe zone without a victory.

9. Greg Biffle, -7 to Keselowski (+1): About the only time Biffle was the focus was when replays were shown of Max Papis's spin off Biffle's bumper in the inner loop. He finished 16th and is heading to the place where he won in June.

10. Martin Truex Jr., -9 (+4): Other Junior ties Keselowski for biggest mover after finishing third. He's got a win, but being in 10th means he can count the bonus points for that win in the Chase. For now.

11. Kurt Busch, -11 (+2): In the late stages of the race, Kurt was apologizing profusely for his team for screwing up and hitting the wall. Well, he finished ninth.

12. Kasey Kahne, -12 (-4): And here come the guys who moved the wrong direction. Kahne's now in Wild Card spot numero uno after that Craziest Moment.

13. Jeff Gordon, -24 (-4): The number for Gordon is now 15, as that's how many points he's out of the top 10.

14. Ryan Newman, -29 (+1): Newman's now in Wild Card spot #2. He and Biffle can fight for who had the most nondescript and uncovered day. Newman was 14th.

15. Jamie McMurray, -34 (+1): Hey, there's McMurray. After an 11th place finish he's back in the conversation, but without a win, it's one of those conversations that take place to fill the time.

16. Joey Logano, -36 (+1): The same goes for JoLo as it does for McMurray. Solid finishes (7th, in Logano's case) are great, but a win is going to be ultimately necessary.

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