Jeff Burton and Kyle Busch still aren't getting along

When Reed Sorenson and Juan Pablo Montoya got together with 18 laps to go in the Lenox Industrial Tools 301 at New Hampshire, leader Jeff Burton and his crew were faced with a decision to pit or not.

They chose to stay out, while the rest of the field, including eventual winner Jimmie Johnson, headed to pit road. Not pitting quickly proved to be the wrong decision as Johnson passed Burton before they got through turn one.

As Burton got gobbled up by the lead lap cars behind him with fresher tires, he attempted to make a pass on Kyle Busch. We all remember that Burton got into Busch's face after the Coca-Cola 600, and at first it looked like Burton took an opportunity to exercise some payback.

However, that wasn't the case. Burton was looking to make a clean pass and just got loose underneath Busch, sending Busch into a spin.

"Well Kyle didn't have anything to do with that, that was all me," Burton said to TNT. "He got loose off of two and I drove underneath him and I just underestimated the grip I would have getting into three and the back came around. I corrected and he was there. It was more of an incident with me and he paid the price for it. He didn't do anything wrong."

Busch, who bounced back to finish 11th, wasn't amused.

"You all saw it, I got wrecked. But it's a product of good hard racing there at the end of the race," Busch said. (Trust me, it's hard to emphasize the sarcasm that Busch had when he said that preceding sentence) "You know, a guy on no tires trying to make all of what he's got. We screwed up. We didn't have the right front underneath the car there at the end and I washed up the track and in the previous corner Kurt got by me and then went down in turn three and Burton got loose underneath me and we wrecked. That's all there is to it."

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