JEarnhardt, Ware make up in oddly happy press release

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Let's all raise a glass to NASCAR's lower national series, shall we? While the Sprint Cup series has the glitz and glamor, the Nationwide and trucks series have the best stories. Like the one that burst this week featuring Jeffrey Earnhardt and Rick Ware Racing. It started with charges and counter-charges and ended with hugs and happiness.

On Tuesday, RWR cut Earnhardt loose amid charges that Earnhardt was trying to jump to other teams and steal away his sponsor. Earnhardt countered that the sponsor had indicated it was already looking at other options. And oh, it seemed like we were in the midst of yet another ugly he said/he said NASCAR fight.

But late Wednesday afternoon, a press release showed up with the headline "RWR/JEI mend fences for the love of racing." Yes, really. And it began in poetic fashion:

"As one day ends, another one begins, and the relationship between Rick Ware Racing and Jeffrey Earnhardt Inc. continues."

The release blamed the dispute on "emotions and a lack of communication .... in a stressful time." And now everyone's happy, as you can see: "We just want to race, and sometimes the issues of business just seem to make us lose focus on why we are here!" Ware "said" in the release, exclamation point included.

Anyway, here's the bottom line: "When the haulers enter the Martinsville Speedway this weekend for the running of the Kroger 250, one thing is for sure, Rick Ware Racing and Jeffrey Earnhardt Inc will be together once again, all for the love of racing." And the heavens will ring with joy.

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