IndyCar Series goes with Dallara for new car

The IndyCar Series announced Wednesday that they would go with Dallara as the sole supplier of the base tub for the new car to debut in 2012.

Dallara is currently the sole supplier of chassis to the IndyCar Series and beat out other choices, among them the Delta Wing, for the right to be the Series' new car.

The base price for a Dallara tub will be $349,000. Any manufacturer will be allowed to make aero kits (wings, sidepods, etc) as long as they are approved, fit cost parameters and are safety tested. The Series says that a complete car will cost roughly $385,000, which is 45 percent cheaper than the cost of the current car. Aero kits will have a maximum cost of $70,000.

Safety and cost effectiveness were the big factors in the decision making for the IndyCar Series, as the goal with the new car and parts is to reduce the running costs by about 50 precent. While anyone can manufacture aero kits -- provided that they are approved -- each team can only use two different aero kits per season.The decisions were made by the nine person ICONIC advisory panel, a panel created with the new car in mind.

The engines will also be changing for 2012. From

Bernard announced last month the ICONIC board had approved an unprecedented move from normally aspirated V-8 engines to a more flexible, turbocharged-powered formula beginning in 2012. The turbo platform allows for a maximum of six cylinders with displacement of 2.4-cubic liters. The ethanol-fueled engines will produce between 550 and 700 horsepower, in order to suit the diverse set of tracks on which the IndyCar Series competes.

It was also announced that the new Dallara chassis would be manufactured in Indiana.

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