The IndyCar Series experiences an East Coast traffic jam

As the field barreled into turn 3 after a restart in Sunday's Baltimore Grand Prix, Ryan Briscoe got into Ryan Hunter-Reay and spun him around. Not an unusual circumstance on a street course, but since the two drivers were battling for fourth, it happened in front of the entire field in the slowest corner in the course and a traffic jam ensued.

At one point, 12(!!) cars were stopped in turn 3.

But that might not have been the most bizarre moment.

That's turn 1 at the start of the race, and yes, that orange truch was a safety truck on the track AS THE RACE WAS STARTING.

And before you go laughing at the IndyCar Series for that ridiculous moment, remember, NASCAR had to once call off a restart at Charlotte as the cars were barreling into turns 1 and 2 because the safety cars were still on the track.

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