The Indy 500 winners’ trophy might be the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - One of the most coveted trophies in sports is also one of the most terrifying. Above is the Borg-Warner Trophy, presented to the winner of the Indy 500. It now stands more than five feet tall and weighs more than 150 pounds. Looks reasonable enough from a distance, though, right? Let's zoom in a little closer...

OH SWEET HEAVEN. Those little knobs on the trophy ... they're faces! Yes, the trophy has carved faces of every single winner since 1911, arranged in a checkerboard fashion. Despite, or perhaps because of, that, the trophy is valued at about $3.5 million. (Also, as For The Win notes, the guy on top is naked.)

At least they're smiling. If the faces were screaming, though ... hey, wait a second. A trophy that captures your soul when you win it? That's one fine movie idea there. And it's mine.

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