The Indy 500, coming to an IMAX theater near you in 3D

The 2011 Indianapolis 500 will be filmed in IMAX 3D to highlight the 100th anniversary of the race.

From the Indianapolis Motor Speedway site:

The 3D film will be directed by giant-screen filmmaker Stephen Low and produced and distributed by The Stephen Low Company in association with Ralph Hansen of Pegasus Marketing Group. Indianapolis Motor Speedway officials endorse the venture and will consult on the content of the film and companion education outreach program, and also provide access to the world-famous racing facility for filming.

The production will be an independent documentary celebrating the auto racing experience and its historical and enduring connection to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Indianapolis 500. The Speedway was constructed in 1909, and the first “500” took place on May 30, 1911.

"NASCAR: The IMAX Experience" was released in 2004 and is now showing at some theaters in 3D. I saw the film when it was released, and I can only imagine what it would be like in 3D, though I'd probably spend most of the time complaining that I was watching race footage that was 6 years old.

So go check out the IndyCar movie when it's released. Doesn't everyone want to virtually get run over by Danica Patrick?