Inappropriate Twitter name makes it onscreen during ‘Wind Tunnel’

Mistakes happen.

It's what we tell ourselves, anyway, and speaking from NASCAR Live Chat experience, you sometimes don't know that you've let in something a tad inappropriate until it's a little too late.

That's what happened on Sunday night's episode of "Wind Tunnel." Dave Despain and Larry McReynolds were taking questions from Twitter, and when they went to answer the final question (about drivers and anger issues, of course), well, you can see from the picture above that it's highly unlikely that Mr. McGee is using his given name.

Video can be found here. Props to Despain for catching himself and rolling right along with it as he's reading the teleprompter. But how in the world did McReynolds not react? That's either the greatest stifle of amusement in history or he totally missed it.

(H/T Deadspin)

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