Here's your chance to give Matt Kenseth's pit crew a new name

Because, quite frankly, "Killer Bees" just doesn't work with a purple and black paint scheme.

The Killer Bees got their name from DeWalt's yellow and black colors when they sponsored Matt Kenseth from Kenseth's debut in the Cup series to last season. But now that Crown Royal is on board, the Killer Bees name is going in the dustbin and Roush Fenway Racing is having a contest to find the pit crew's new name.

The Flying Purple People Eaters seems way too obvious and cliche, so don't submit that to But if you do, don't blame it on me. (The contest ends May 10th at 5:00 PM ET)

However, you have to be over 21 to submit a nickname. You know, because of that whole alcohol thing.

After you send in your name, drop us a line in the comments. But make sure that you've already submitted it first. You don't want anyone stealing your recognition, do you?

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