Help us give Kurt Busch a From the Marbles nickname

Kurt, we feel you should have a From the Marbles nickname. (Getty Images)

Kurt Busch

Kurt, we feel you should have a From the Marbles nickname. (Getty Images)

Alright Kurt, it's time we came clean.

We just can't get behind "The Outlaw" nickname. It's nothing personal, it's just that it doesn't fit. We want to find you a nickname that does.

Mind you, You did violate the main rule of nicknames in the first place when you gave yourself the "Outlaw" nickname. You can't give yourself a nickname. Well, you can if you want it to be a sarcastic and derisive one, but it's clear that "Outlaw" is far from that. It's become your calling card.

But even if "Outlaw" had been bestowed upon you by someone other than yourself or whatever it was that aired on Speed in November of 2012, it doesn't work. Especially now that you're at Stewart-Haas Racing.

You're in Hendrick equipment now, which is some of the best in the business. It's the stuff that's won seven of the last eight Sprint Cup Series championships. If that's not the establishment, we're not sure what is. And outlaws aren't part of the establishment.

We're also not sure Outlaws do mass media appearances in a suit and tie after a big announcement. We envision them cracking a cold beverage, putting their feet up and simply saying "Let's do this." Heck, your boss dressed as the Bandit and driving around in a Pontiac Trans-Am is more of an outlaw at this point.

We're not asking you to stop using the nickname yourself. It's something that you're obviously fond of for branding purposes and that's great. Nor are we asking anyone else to refrain from it. And anyway, the contradictions make us smile. We're just asking our readers for a new nickname.

There's Vader for Jimmie Johnson. @Kes for Brad Keselowski, Other Junior for Martin Truex Jr. and others that we won't mention here. Kurt, we need one for you.

Readers, this is where you come in. Let us know at, at the email address below or on Twitter what we should bestow upon Kurt. We'll even vote on it. The winner is Busch's new nickname, and we bet it'll be pretty good too.

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