Help get your favorite NASCAR site on a car at Bristol!

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Time's running out for you to jump in and help with Nathan Bitner's plans to put a sticker commemorating Yahoo! Sports' From The Marbles on Kevin Lepage's car at the Bristol Nationwide race. Here are the full details from earlier this month.

That's the sticker there at right, and the faithful will note that it includes a reference to everyone's favorite NASCAR recurring character, Cone. (This one, obviously, is still alive, unlike his deceased Talladega relative.)

Anyway, go on over to ChipIn to help contribute to the cause. He's halfway there! One dollar, a hundred dollars, whatever you've got, it's a great cause. Nathan's going to bring us reports from the pits and everything, and hopefully a quote or two from Mr. Lepage himself. It's a fine way to show your support for NASCAR, up-and-coming drivers, individual initiative, and of course this fine site here. Thanks to Nathan, and thanks to you for helping out!

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