Hellish storms don’t deter Texas Speedway camping diehards

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

If you live anywhere in the southeastern United States, you likely haven't slept a whole lot in the last couple days, as hellish storms have ripped through the entire region, uprooting trees, knocking out power and generally making a mess of things.

But hey, at least you were hopefully in a solid structure when these storms happened. Spare a thought for the poor souls who have been camping out at Texas Motor Speedway since Saturday in preparation for this weekend's race. (And no, don't let that thought be, "This must've been the first bath those people have had in months.")

As NBC-Dallas notes, the hardiest of campers survived winds that knocked down a few tents (aww...) and almost all the Port-A-Potties (eww...) as they blew through Texas Monday. (Credit to NBC for quoting someone named "Crazy Rick," by the way.)

NASCAR fans have plenty of experience dealing with brutal weather at tracks, and occasionally, that weather veers into the truly scary. Tornado warnings at Talladega a couple years back had officials nervous, and with good reason: take a look at what happened to Atlanta Motor Speedway back in 2005.

There wasn't a race going on then, fortunately. If there had been, you'd be pulling Junior fans out of trees in Connecticut.

NASCAR campers undeterred by weather [NBC-Dallas]

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