Heads up, Officer Hornaday is checking your seatbelts

NASCAR Camping World Truck Series champ Ron Hornaday stopped by the Georgia State Capitol this week to get a lesson in cracking heads, police-style. No, wait, that's not right. Hornaday was in Atlanta to promote the upcoming Atlanta 200 truck race on March 6, and along the way met Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue and participated in a Georgia state police enforcement checkpoint.

Now, traffic stops can be terrifying even if you haven't done anything wrong. Or maybe I've just seen too many episodes of "The Shield." But Hornaday knows what I'm talking about: "I've been in that predicament before [at a traffic stop] and pulled around the corner leaving a restaurant and you have no idea where your license is and you're making sure everyone is buckled properly," he said. "There's a nervousness when you see [a traffic stop] and then you hand them a ticket to go to the racetrack and then you see the kid's eyes light up. To see the reaction of some people who think they're in trouble but aren't and then they get a ticket to the racetrack -- it's pretty cool."

It seems this would be an ideal opportunity for NASCAR and some police force to run one of those stings where they lure in criminals with the promise of free tickets, but that's not what Atlanta Motor Speedway and Gov. Perdue were looking to do. This time.