Harvick says that all is clear between him and Hamlin

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kevin Harvick agreed Friday that his feud with Denny Hamlin has simmered, but that what happened on the track between the two Saturday at Dover was serious.

"I think everything was pretty serious as far as where we were coming from as a company and where we were coming from as a team," Harvick said. "I think where Denny and I stand is very clear between the two of us as far as off the race track and on the race track. When it comes down to knowing what's right for your company and what's right for your team, those are two different things. Our team is excited and pumped up and we all feel like everything's clear."

Hamlin said that he and Harvick were friends off the track, and that relationship, Harvick said, meant that there was going to be little to no carryover outside of the racetrack.

"I don't think there was ever going to be an issue with myself and Denny. Off the race track, obviously, in the garage it doesn't matter who your friends are or what happens away from the race track, it's all about what's happening at the race track and what's right or wrong for your particular team. Obviously, it evolved into what it was, but off the race track it was fairly simple for us to talk."

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