Happy Hour, Special Edition: The best Madison Rising emails

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We'll kick off our last pre-Daytona Happy Hour with the best emails we got in reaction to the anthem that Madison Rising performed before Saturday's Nationwide race.

Predictably, they were defensive. Very defensive. Few things bring out vitriol like things that involve and invoke patriotism and its variations.

Some people don't know talent and patriotism when they see it. Your idiotic comments about Madison Rising's performance at Nascar shows YOU have no class. That is the best rendition I have ever heard. Not only was it truly from the heart it was very touching. The lead singer served this country and is proud of it. Your comments are obviously coming out of your ass as you know not what you are talking about.
- Cathie

Score one for Madison Rising.

Nick just read your article on Yahoo regarding Madison Rising singing the national anthem. Why write a grade school article and bash them on their patriotic rendition. Even if you didn't like it, isn't pride in your Country worth something?
I am convinced that you're an America hating liberal that was abused as a child and now feels inadequate as a man and wants to take it out on the good people. Please leave America. Too many idiots like you are destroying us.
- Larry

Yeah ...

I just finished your article on Madison Rising and have to say I was quite disappointed.

I am a fifty-something who believes strongly in God and Country and especially enjoy Madison Rising. They combine their love of God and Country with their love of rock music. I applaud them for spreading a positive message, unlike most music today.

What struck me as funny was the way you mentioned that the drivers were "about to explode with laughter". You must have misunderstood because it is my understanding that NASCAR drivers, as well as fans, are extremely patriotic. Maybe they were smiling because they actually liked the music and the message.

Your insinuated snarky tone when mentioning the lead singer holding the American flag is what bothered me most. If you had done 5 minutes of research on Dave Bray, you would have learned he served in the Navy and comes from a military family. If anyone has a right to hold the flag, it's someone who has served our country! But I'm sure that is something that you wouldn't and don't understand.

With all aside, it was your article and you are entitled to your opinion. However, I think you are in the minority.
- Gina

I'm not sure songs bashing anti-war protests, something allowed to all of us via the First Amendment or saying that our country's First Lady lacks class are "spreading a positive message," but to each their own. Also, drivers were laughing. Because that was such a caricature that it was funny.

(Also, it's worth pointing out that they have a song supporting the Second Amendment. Which, when juxtaposed with the protest song mentioned above, is fun to note.)

You wouldnt know a patriotic natl. anthem if jumped up and bit you on the ASS!!! Im 75 yrs. old and a veteran and if you see their video of the NATIONAL ANTHEM and think thats not PATRIOTIC YOU are as UN AMERICAN and DUMB as a BAG of ROCKS ! That goes for KesLOSER TO !!!
- David

If a national anthem ever comes close to biting any of us in the rear, we are in serious trouble.

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