Happy Hour: Winless streaks, Danica Patrick, A.J. Allmendinger and more

Jimmie Johnson (48) passes Matt Kenseth (20) for the lead in the closing laps of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series Coca-Cola 600 auto race at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, N.C., Sunday, May 25, 2014. (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

Throughout the week you can send us your best questions, jokes, rants and just plain miscellaneous thoughts to happyhourmailbag@yahoo.com or @NickBromberg.We'll post them here, have a good time and everyone's happy.

If you're reading this, you survived the Memorial Day weekend of racing. Congratulations! Now raise your hand if you completed more miles than Kurt Busch did on Sunday. Double congratulations to you. Sorry, you do not get a prize, however.

(Side note: I just looked up Busch's Indy sponsor, SureTone, because all throughout the month of May I had no idea what it was. Still didn't, until I realized it recently. Am I missing something by not knowing what it was, or was there a lack of sponsor activation?)

This weekend is the last weekend of Fox this year. Some of you may be happy, some of you may be sad, some of you may be re-enacting grid walks in your grocery store parking lot on Sunday mornings for the rest of the year because you're so depressed. If you do that, please videotape it and send it to us.

On to the questions.

Now that Johnson has the monkey off his back, how about Kenseth as the next non-winning driver to get a win. While Johnson is King at Dover, Kenseth is no slouch. The two winningest drivers from 2013 have just 1 win between them this far in? Seems absurd almost. With all that said, it could very well happen that Johnson and Harvick might get another win before Kenseth does. Just sayin’. - Chuck

This happened last year too. In 2012, Brad Keselowski, Denny Hamlin and Jimmie Johnson each had five victories in the Sprint Cup Series. While Johnson won the 2013 Daytona 500 (twice!), Keselowski didn't win until Charlotte in the fall and Hamlin won the final race at Homestead. Plus, neither driver made the Chase. Hamlin's back injury and possible (yeah, right) Chase comeback became the overlying theme of 2013, but neither's stretch didn't drive like Johnson's had, especially before the calendar had hit June.

In 2011, Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick each had four race wins, tied for second in the series behind Tony Stewart. Busch won his only race of 2012 at Richmond in race nine, while Harvick had to wait until race 35 to get his only win.

What does this mean? Well, simply, that winning is cyclical for most drivers. Johnson's "streak" was a bigger deal than it actually was because he's been the outlier in the cycle.

Our next email is unedited. And fun.


I can't take any more of your excuses for Partick. she is a lousy Nascar driver and doesn't belong out there. she had a typical race,very late engine trouble. as usual she was two laps down when she couldn't avoid the crash because she slammed on the brakes. she has excuses every race for her incompetence. engine trouble or another driver. The only engine that works on her is her big mouth. she wouldn't even sucseed in arca. You and watrip make every attempt to give her credibilty as a driver. You both make a fool out of yourself. the petty's are right on the money. she might not even win with nobody on the track the way she handles a car. write what you see, not what you want her to be. - Tom

Tom was writing about this post capping Patrick's struggles at Charlotte on Sunday night. After emailing Tom to ask what excuses he was referring to, he never answered the question. Not surprising.

Patrick is the only driver that can elicit such hyperbole about her performance. Just look at the "she might not even win with nobody on the track the way she handles a car" statement and realize that she was in her first points race after recording the second top-10 finish of her career. Now, is it fair to say that you've expected more from Patrick in her brief NASCAR career given the situation she's in? Yes. Is it to go to this extreme? Hell no.

Making absurd statements like Tom is doing only makes the person making them look uninformed and biased. And it makes me wonder how many people view Patrick as the caricature they've built of her in their heads vs. the person she actually is. Judging from the reactions she elicits, it's more than a few.


If you didn't like my question about Kyle Busch's temper tantrum that's fine, I don't really care. Answering it in a superior, sarcastic way though only showed what a Busch loving horses back-end you are. And don't bother responding because I won't open!!! - Joyce

Are you wondering what elicited that response? Here is both the question and answer from last week.

 I have always heard that if your car can't be driven from the track after a crash, that it was mandatory that you have to get in the ambulance and go to the Infield Care Center. Saturday night Kyle not only refused, but also brushed off NASCAR officials as they followed him down the track. Shouldn't he be fined or in some way sanctioned for this ?  Also, I was not surprised to see him do this. I always knew the real Kyle Busch would come back out sooner or later. So much for the "new Kyle". - Joyce

There was a second replay that showed a worker at Charlotte looking like he told Kyle he had to go to the care center and Kyle relented. This is a non-story. He was mad about crashing. The end.

I could use a little help getting Kyle Busch off this really high pedestal I've put him on and I can't seem to find the chair I used to get up there. Anyone have a stepladder?

Let's start with Allmendinger. I think the alliance with Richard Childress Racing came at the right time because of the setup changes to the Sprint Cup Series cars. And, not to mention, the RCR chassis and ECR engine combination is better than the Toyota/Triad combination the team had last year.

Many of last year's setups don't work with the cars this year because of the new rules, so instead of taking the notebook that JTG Daugherty have and attempting to adapt it to the new combination, they could simply were start fresh with new stuff. And having a full-time driver in the prime of his career helps too. I'm interested to see how well they do at Sonoma. They're testing there, and we know how good Allmendinger is at road courses.

As for Denny, I think JGR is still a little off this year. But because of the Talladega win, Hamlin still has plenty of time to get ready for the Chase.

On to our saddest news of the day.

We've kept this under wraps because we didn't want the darned media getting wind of our delicious bid and potentially ruining the process. Maybe we should have done all the press to enhance our chances. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

Are the weeds and trees still growing at Nazareth? That was a fun oval to drive at in video games (anyone remember CART Precision Racing and the old NASCAR games on PC?) and provided some good races too. We can't reveal the targets of our next bids until we solidify them, but we fear we're going to have to go into the three figures.

If you want your random fact for the day, the winner of the first NASCAR national series race at Nazareth was Rick Mast in 1988, and the track even hosted an IROC race. Danny Sullivan beat Scott Pruett, Rusty Wallace, Al Unser Jr. and A.J. Foyt in 1989.

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