New Hampshire teenager looking to make NASCAR history

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When you're 14 years old, you're two years away from getting behind the wheel, terrifying your parents and terrorizing your neighborhood. Unless, of course, you're Kaitlyn Brice, in which case you're preparing for your first NASCAR race.

On Saturday, Brice is looking to make NASCAR history. (Tip via NBC Connecticut.) In 2009, NASCAR lowered its driving age from 16 to 14, and Brice is the first driver to take advantage of the new rule. No, she won't be racing alongside Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt Jr. in Talladega; her debut will come at Stafford Motor Speedway in New Hampshire.

Brice will be running that pink Pepto Bismol 13 pictured at right, which is disturbingly close to the "Kyle Busch in a pink car, in a pink suit" Toyota commercial. (Hannah Montana playing in the headsets as well?)

Anyway, all Ms. Brice needs to do is complete a single lap. And either helping with the pressure or adding to it will be the fact that her father, Jim "Smokey" Brice, who founded the Smokey's Racing Team in 2006, will be on the track with her.

"I’m totally excited," Jim Brice told NBC Connecticut. "I honestly can’t wait to do it. It’s going to be good competition and the very first time we’ve raced against each other."

Good luck to both drivers ... and woe to any other guy who gets beaten by the pink #13.