Greg Biffle wants your blood ... for the Red Cross, honest

So you say you love NASCAR, right? You're willing to give it your time! You're willing to give it your money! And now, you can give NASCAR your blood!

Wait, what?

Yep, no joke. Red Cross Racing, in connection with Greg Biffle, has created a program where you can pile up points for a variety of activities, like giving blood and recruiting other donors. (Please do not collect the blood yourself.) You can turn in those points to get all kinds of swag, like die-casts and other stuff, none of which is presumably blood-spattered. Hit Red Cross Racing for more details.

Oh, and if you're really lucky, you can be an honorary pit crew member for Biffle. Not a bad deal for tapping a vein, is it?

And no, this is nothing at all like some sinister Twilight-esque plot to get your blood. I'm pretty sure about that. For one thing, the sensitive emo-teen vampire types don't tend to get NASCAR. Too much noise disrupting their somber mood, you know?

Though I have to be honest, the fact that Biffle is working with the Red Cross to get your blood and the U.S. Census to get your demographic info has me a mite concerned. I ain't saying nothing, but when The Biff is our supreme overlord, we'll know how it all began.

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