Greg Biffle will ride a float in the Tournament of Roses parade

Greg Biffle, like all NASCAR drivers, gets plenty of experience riding around and waving to crowds during prerace introductions. Now he'll get to put those skills to use as part of the Natural Balance Pet Foods float at the 2012 Tournament of Roses parade on January 2. (Hey, that's reason enough to sober up from New Year's Eve!)

The Natural Balance float will be a behemoth at 116 feet long, and will feature — no, this is not a joke — surfing dogs, who will ride 65-foot-long waves in a 6,600-gallon tank. (You can check on the progress of the float's construction right here.)

So, yeah, sorry, Biff, but most of us aren't going to be watching for you. We want to see those righteous surfing dogs. But we bet you'd get plenty of attention if you brought that rifle there.

The Tournament of Roses parade will be broadcast at 11 a.m. ET on January 2 on ABC. The Biff's float will be 54th out of 91. It's also powered by a Ford 6.8L 3v engine, and it hopefully won't have any handling malfunctions along the way. If it does, we know who can get behind the wheel to save the day.

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