Greg Biffle and Red Man, we hardly knew ye

Red Man Moist Snuff entered the Nationwide Series this year with a bit of fanfare. It was the first time in quite some time that a tobacco-based sponsor had entered NASCAR — and let's be honest, people use tobacco products. It joined up with Baker Curb Racing, which hired Greg Biffle to drive the car.

But thanks to that pesky FDA — it gets in the way of everything cool! — Red Man has to leave Baker Curb Racing. One of the provisions of the new FDA ruling, published March 19, "Prohibits tobacco brand name sponsorship of any athletic, musical, or other social or cultural event, or any team or entry in those events."

Yep, that's what Red Man is doing.

It's another blow to a Nationwide-only team, as Baker Curb now only has funding through the race on June 12 at Kentucky. (The rule takes effect June 22.) Like Phoenix Racing, Baker Curb Racing has been a staple of the Nationwide Series, but who knows what the future is for either team if sponsorship can't be found.

Baker Curb didn't have a car at this week's Nationwide test, and Biffle's last race with the team is next Saturday. For Baker Curb and the Nationwide Series' sake, let's hope that it finds a sponsor quickly. We don't need to lose two solid Nationwide-only teams in a matter of months.