The Goodyears will look a bit different at Daytona

Instead of saying the usual "Goodyear Eagle" on the tires that the Sprint Cup and Nationwide Series use, the tires for this weekend's races will say "Support the Troops" in red white and blue. (That's what the blue and red blur is on the side of Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s tires.)

No word if all of the cars will also have a yellow ribbon below the spoiler next to the decal of stick figures of every driver's family and pets.

While it's a nice Independence Day gesture by Goodyear, it will be interesting to see how much attention and legible airtime that the tires will get. After all, it's impossible to read the tires as they're spinning, and as we've seen recently, usually the only attention that Goodyear gets is when something goes wrong like at Indianapolis in 2008.

And it's also a bit of subliminal advertising for Goodyear, as they were selected to be the exclusive developer of fuel-efficient tires for the military's FED program. Think that Goodyear would be doing this if Firestone had gotten that contract? I'd bet not.

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