For a golfer, Denny Hamlin is a very good NASCAR driver

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

On Monday, Denny Hamlin took to the golf course as part of a charity pro-am event in advance of this weekend's Wells Fargo Championship. And, well ... let's just say he didn't come anywhere close to shooting his number. More like Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s. Still, he parred the last two holes, which is nice.

Plus, the man does have some skills, as that video above by SB Nation's Jeff Gluck demonstrates. Hamlin, a lefty, flipped a right-handed club upside down and drove the ball, which isn't an easy maneuver for an amateur to pull off. Now, we can't see where the ball goes, and it's entirely possible he brained a six-year-old girl thirty yards down the course, but he looked good doing it, and isn't that what matters?

Hamlin conceded that this past weekend's solid run at Richmond made the outing a lot more pleasant. "It makes it a lot better," Hamlin told Sporting News. "You've got people around asking for your autograph, saying, 'Good job this past weekend' instead of 'We know you're going to turn it around.'"

No word on whether Hamlin did a golf cart burnout on the 18th green. Jimmie Johnson will be playing in another event on Wednesday, and it'd be just like him to upstage Hamlin, wouldn't it?

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