Genius or insanity: the best Sunday NASCAR ‘Yo momma’ jokes

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Look, let's be honest here: there are long stretches of races where there's not a whole lot going on. During those times, your mind starts to wander. And when we're conducting our live chats, well, the conversation starts to wander. Everything's fair game, from movie quotes to burger reviews to media criticism to, well, "Yo momma" jokes.

I'm not quite sure how it got started, but at one point in the chat, we made the call for NASCAR-themed "Yo momma"s, and oh, did the chatters respond. Here's what you're missing if you're not tuned into us on Sundays ... for better or worse:

"Yo momma so fat she needs both grooves!"

"Yo momma so fat, Kyle Busch couln't put her into the wall!"

"Yo momma's so ugly, Brian Vickers wouldn't hit that!"

"Yo momma's so slow, Dale Earnhardt Jr. put her two laps down."

"Yo momma is so round people complain about her being a cookie cutter track. But she's still on the NASCAR schedule twice a season."

Yahoo! Sports NASCAR live chat. Because sometimes, it is just cars going around in a circle.

(Oh, and if you can top those ... go right ahead below.)

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