Four Wide: Tim Tebow and Dale Junior in the battle of the beards

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• We lead with the hardest-hitting news of the day: better beard, Tim Tebow or Dale Earnhardt Jr.? [Open Mike]

Tony Stewart Racing will be running two top-flight drivers, Steve Kinser and Donny Schatz, in the Las Vegas Super Sprint Classic on Friday night at Las Vegas Motor Speedway's dirt track. This Stewart fellow seems like he knows what he's doing as an owner. Wonder if he's ever thought about taking a turn behind the wheel himself? [The Fifth Turn]

• What Olympic events do Bobby Labonte, Travis Kvapil and Alli Owens see themselves succeeding in? (Try not to picture Bobby Labonte in a speed skater's outfit.) [Catchfence]

• Get inside David Reutimann's head as he preps for Las Vegas. Not addressed: his striking resemblance to Scrubs' Zach Braff. [USA Today]

Kurt Busch looked quite good last year. Could this be the year of the Blue Deuce? (For the record, any time I can type "Blue Deuce," I'm gonna.) [Racin' Today]

• Interested in the commercial breakdown for the California race? Steel your heart and look at what was forced into your eyeballs this past Sunday ... [Caws n' Jaws]

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