Four Wide: NASCAR vs. the NFL begins this weekend

Jay Busbee
From the Marbles

Rounding up some links for your weekend to keep you up with what's new in the NASCAR world. Enjoy, and feel free to hold court in the comments below.

• NASCAR vs. the NFL begins in earnest this weekend. Uh-oh. (Aside: this gives me a chance to link back to the very first article I wrote for this site, comparing NASCAR drivers to their NFL counterparts. See how far off I was ... or wasn't.) [The Daly Planet]

• Remember when Danica Patrick talked about dangers in Japan and everyone thought she was crazy? Turns out that an IndyCar report reached some of the same conclusions. [Racin' Today]

• Here's a pretty oversimplified look at Dale Earnhardt Jr. and the NASCAR media, but since it praises Junior and busts on the media, it'll make some folks happy. [Bleacher Report]

• Goodyear is running special "Support Our Troops" tires this weekend, though you'll have to be a quick reader to see them while they're moving. [Goodyear]

• Clint Bowyer might be headed to Michael Waltrip Racing after all. []

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