Four Wide: Who loves NASCAR flips? We all do! We all do!

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• You like flips in NASCAR? Sure, we all do! Here's a compilation of the best flips of the season to this point. [All Left Turns]

• When you're one of the most high-profile NASCAR reporters in the country, it's probably best if your wife doesn't go to work promoting Dale Earnhardt Inc. And if, for whatever reason, she does, it's beyond poor form to then write about DEI without acknowledging your conflict of interest. ESPN's David Newton comes in for a barbecueing. [NASCAR Insiders]

• Buckcherry's version of Deep Purple's "Highway Star" will be TNT's backing music for their races. Better than blow-dried country or tired old classic rock. []

• Nobody quite knows what the rules of NASCAR are. But here are 25 unwritten rules of NASCAR that everyone should live by, courtesy of the moms and dads of America. [Bleacher Report]

Kyle Busch won another race on Sunday in the Camping World Series. I'm starting to think maybe this guy has a bit of talent. Maybe. [Scene Daily]

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