Four Wide: Are Jeff and Jimmie no longer BFF?

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• OK, we all know that Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson are, like, best buds and stuff -- but could the race to get championship No. 5 put a dent in that friendship? [Fox News]

• Las Vegas may not have had the best racing of the year so far, but 140,000 people turned out to see the Jeff and Jimmie Show, which ain't bad. [Las Vegas Review Journal]

• So how did NASCAR end up at Daytona in the first place? Handy history lesson for those of you who want to catch up. [Calgary Herald]

• Life's rocky for everybody, but teams and drivers are bending over backward to accommodate their sponsors. Don't leave us! Don't leave us! [USA Today]

• All right, enough with the Cup drivers in the Nationwide Series. [Bump Drafts]

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