Four Wide: Jeff Gordon's going to be around for quite a while

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• Let's go ahead and put this whole "Jeff Gordon is retiring" thing to rest -- he's going to stick around for several more seasons so his kids can enjoy the NASCAR experience. And since his daughter is 2 and he's got another child on the way in August, you can do the math. [USA Today]

• Yes, we're only two races in, but it's not too early to start thinking about how the 2011 schedule will shake out, and whether Kentucky and Kansas will get dates. What tracks will lose races? Heads up, Atlanta and California. [NASCAR Insiders]

• Sick of Danica Patrick mania? You might want to go head over to IndyCar, where apparently they're promoting everything but Ms. Patrick. (Aside: the columnist uses the expression "browning off," meaning "upsetting"/"ticking off" -- is this a local Indy expression, or is this something from a bygone era? I wonder about this stuff.) [Indy Star]

• Today is Jamie McMurray Day in Missouri! Schools are closed! Take the day off work! Celebrate in the streets, Missourians, and visit the state capitol for a chance to see McMurray's car! It's Missouri, what else are you gonna do? (Kidding, Missourians, kidding.) [USA Today]

• Want to go check out the spoiler test at Talladega on March 16? It's free! NASCAR racing -- well, driving -- for nary a penny. Can't beat that with a stick. [The Fifth Turn]

• Hendrick Motorsports techs are apparently a wee bit concerned about axle issues, with Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s axle failing at California and Jimmie Johnson's close to doing the same thing. Man, there hasn't been an Axl problem this bad since the 2002 Guns n' Roses world tour, am I right, folks? Am I right? Hey, is this thing on? [Sportsbook Gurus]

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