Four Wide: If you’re insane, place your bets on the All-Star Race!

Rounding up the best links from the week that was in NASCAR. Get up to speed without having to worry about getting run over.

• Good news ahead for the 48 team? Jimmie Johnson's pit crew won the Pit Crew Challenge, thus giving themselves another few hours of blessed employment. [AP/Yahoo! Sports]

• Are you betting on this weekend's All-Star Race? If so, you're a lunatic and need help, but here's some odds to get you started. [All Left Turns]

• Check this: the five greatest finishes in All-Star Race history. From Kyle Busch to Rusty Wallace to the Earnhardts, here are some good memories here; let's hope this weekend matches up to the past. [Sports Illustrated]

• Ryan Newman remains pretty darn ticked off at Kurt Busch. No love lost here, without a doubt. [Sporting News]

• Dale Earnhardt Jr. does shop at Wal-Mart, of course. But he usually does so around 1 in the morning. [USA Today]

• No more government spending on NASCAR, as a House Appropriations Committee voted to stop Pentagon spending on sporting events. [Reuters]

• Great story here: Jeremy Staat, a friend of the late Pat Tillman, is doing a bicycle ride across the country to raise awareness for wounded veterans. Brennan Newberry will be placing Staat's info on his No. 14 truck during the Truck Series event in Charlotte. [NFL Players /]

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