Four Wide: Goodbye, Darlington; hello, Mexico City

[Sorry about that misstep earlier this morning, folks. We got our wires crossed with Yahoo! Sports Mexico. Here's your REAL Four Wide.]

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• The Hermanos Rodriguez Speedway in Mexico City will be taking the race currently held by Darlington. Kyle Busch is going to be happy. [AP via Yahoo! Sports]

• Dale Earnhardt overheard at charity event saying about Kyle Busch, "I'm gonna turn him next chance I get." We'll see, Dale, we'll see. [Nuts n' Bolts]

Jimmie Johnson plans to grow that beard until it's "so thick it doesn't fit in my helmet." Good luck to you with that, Jimmie. [Scene Daily]

• How will President Obama's new rules for the car industry affect NASCAR? Here's a hint: get ready for Hyundai. []

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